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Being a kiwi

Englisch Vortrag

Christine Paintinger, Schülerin der Abschlussklasse 10b, hat letzte Woche in der Klasse 8a über ihre Erfahrungen aus einem Jahr Neuseeland informiert. Sie ging dabei besonders auf die Unterschiede der Schulsysteme ein. Hier ihr Originalvortrag:

Hello my name is Christine, I am 15 years old and 3 year ago I went to another country to live there. In summer of 2013 my parents told me that we went to New Zealand for one year. At first I was absolutely shocked because they planned everything without telling me. I’d been in NZ before we went there for one year and I really liked the country. My parents told me about the school they chose for me, showed me pictures of it and of our flat. They also told me that they had been already planning it for more than a year. It actually took me some time to realize that I would be starting a new life in a new country. I didn’t know what would expect me and if I would like it. On the one hand I was extremely excited but on the other hand sad because I knew I would miss my friends a lot. When we drove to the airport I finally realized that the journey was about to begin.

In total we flew about 23-24 hours with one stop in Singapore and it was quite exhausting but we were glad as we landed in Auckland, the biggest city in NZ. When it’s winter in Germany it’s summer in NZ so the first thing we did was to take of all our warm clothes und put our shorts and t-shirts on. We decided to fly to NZ a few weeks before school started so we could settle down and get used to the climate and manage to visit the school before I had to go there every day. I went to the Belmont Intermediate School in year 8. This is a school that prepares you for high school life. At this school they’ve only got year 7 and year 8 and it’s a bit different to what we know from German schools. They don’t get marks on their works and I personally think they don’t have the pressure that we know.
That doesn’t mean that they don’t do anything at school. The students also have to write four big tests per year but it is only marked with points and they constantly try to get better. In high school they get grades the same as we have in Germany but for the mark 1 they get an A and for the mark 6 for example they get an F instead.
Let’s talk about the subjects; I had the subjects maths, English, PE, cultural subject, science, music and I chose to do dance but this was optional and the most interesting one for me was Japanese. Twice a week we learned Japanese and I think it was really cool because it is a really different language with tits own character.
In Germany we have a different teacher for every subject but in NZ we only had one teacher for all of the subjects except for music, science and Japanese. We also had to wear a school uniform. I know a lot of you think that this is stupid and they would never wear it but I must say especially as a girl it’s so handy to wear the same type of clothes every day because you don’t have to think about what you are going to wear that day anymore. But that’s not the only positive thing about it. At school it makes you feel that all of you are the same and part of of a family. I have to add that the students are used to having friends from different countries.
At my school for example there were a lot of Asian people and in my class we had more than 11 different nationalities. This is something you would never see in a German class. There was also a special teacher who took care of students from other countries. She also gave English classes to the students whose English wasn’t that good.

Sometimes all of the students met at a giant hall for an event called “assembly”. For this event everyone had to line up and walk in to the hall and sit down quietly. Then all students began to sing the school song and the principal came up and told the whole school about the important, upcoming things. We had a lot of events at school such as a dance competition or a singing audition. We also had a giant sports event were all the students were jogging quite a long lap around the school, along the beach and the sport field back to the basketball court where it started. Everyone had to take part in this event and I think it was quite cool. In class we worked a lot with computers or tablets which is really cool and we also had a film project. That means we had to create a story about a very often discussed theme and make a film of it. At the end we showed it to our classmates and they told us what they liked about our project and what they didn’t like so much. In NZ schools try to bring all students together and make them work as a team and let them solve problems and tasks by themselves. Teachers only helped us if we really couldn’t find a solution. I think this way of learning is quite effective because you learn to work things out by yourself and don’t let others do your work. I have to add that the school starts at 9 and ends at 3 o’clock pm which is pretty cool because you don’t get any homework and you can sleep longer.
The people in NZ often walk bare feet and like and respect their nature a lot. There is even a special dance that is typical for NZ. It’s called the Haka. Maybe you’ve already heard about it because the rugby team ‘The All Blacks ‘ always do this dance before a game to frighten the others. The people in NZ are extremely friendly, they love doing things with other families and they also like doing sports especially outdoors.
Overall the people in NZ love their nature and love to spend their free time at the beach, in the park or just with their families and friends. And I must say that this year was such a cool experience that I would definitely do it again.

Danke Christine und alles Gute für deine Zukunft!
S. Eibner, StR (RS)




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